Monday, 16 April 2012

I'm officially graduated!

16/04/2012 - The date that I'm officially graduated from Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan! Hoho I feel so relieved :D
Though before on the stage I tend to yawns whenever I get nervous! Haha bad habits :p Gotta change it sooner or later aye? Well, what can I say apart from, "Wow!" I've had many rides on the my life. I've had my downs, but with plenty more ups and finally I’m graduated even I feel give up sometimes :D Thank you for those who knowing all the little things that mean so much to me especially my mom, annoying sister, mates and of course my lecturers. Well I got this words “don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice”. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”. Has there ever been a time when I’m not sure what I should do, when people give me conflicting advice, when I feel oppressed to do things that I don’t want? Well, it’s up to me to take the step and identify what works best for me and what doesn’t, then adjust accordingly. At the end of the day, as long as I keep striving for the best that I can be, and learn every step of the way, I’ll never veer into the wrong track right? Hee can't wait to finish my studies here in Malacca. So many plans I want to do for my future. Wish me luck aye? :)

Proud to be PIS-rian! :)

Hoho I'm graduated!

Insane! Haha!

Thumbs up!

P/s Every failure, every experience is there to teach us something. If you lose yourself with the bad situations that hit you, you’d have lost there and then. But if you take a lesson, at least one lesson with every experience, you’d have emerged a stronger and better person.


Happiest Day Ever!

14/04/2012 - After a year, we finally meet again. Sitting here and thinking about the times we've spent together, I still wonder if I'm dreaming this magical life. Hihi I still remember the night classes with you totally was fun! And I adored your british’s accent. I feel so excited to go your class each time. Hee you’re awesome kiddo! I like the way you encourage and teaching us about life :D The road for us is still long and wide, but remember I will always be by your side to support you no matter what. Around 8pm you pick me up to have a dinner. So this time I treated her Kenny Roger’s Roaster since my plan in KL was cancelled. *kinda upset :p

 Our meal! Awesome aye? But yeah she couldn't finish it! -.-

Then, we talked about families, studies and of course our life! Hihi thank you for your advises kiddo. You always thinking positive aye? Hee I wish I can think positive just like you :O It’s kinda late having dinner around 9pm and finished it at 10.30 pm. Haha its called supper I think :D I never thought you love taking photos aye? I suggest you buy DLSR soon okay?

Bbm-ing?! Haha :D

15/04/2012 - You are here and we are together. We have plans and we have dreams. Let’s make it through. Second date with kiddo was so much fun cause suzy joined us! Hoho we keep bullying you! Sorry but yeah that’s the way we enjoyed every moment. So we went to Secret’s Recipe! I thought she want to eat cakes or whatever sweet thingy but she didn’t. Hish weirdo! Next time you better eat okay? If not I bite you :D I ate Japanese Soba and she ordered Lasagna? Uh I’m not really like it. Maybe cause of cheeseeeee? -.- I will eat if no cheese :P After that, we talked about married?! Haha I’d guess suzy will get married soon! Maybe next year? Who knows kan? I asked kiddo when lah she want to get married? She said being single much better. Sooner or later love will comes. Haha nice answer! So high five kiddo! We are forever alone! :D Then around 10pm we went back to hotel. Thank you so much for treating us kiddo! Much appreciate! Thanks just for being here for me I’m gonna miss you more than words I could say. I'll always pray for you kiddo. Please do take care of yourself and eat more okay? :O I want to thank you for always being there for me, and doing everything you can to make my life easier. Hihi be strong for whatever in your life okay kiddo? :')

Friday, 6 April 2012


Hollaaaa peeps! What's up? Sorry I just get into my lovely blog! Hee I've been busy lately and so many stuffs I need to manage it alone. Though I'm doing pretty good so far but yeah still stressed out about my life. Erm I means my family and studies. Hell yeah some of bitches *classmates* that don't know how to do a work. Man, please do some effort lah. I won't mad if you guys really don't know how to do it but at least TRY okay? And one more thing please don't ever judge and keep nagging with the person that completed their work already and you guys just feel FREE? Shut the fucked up bitches! If you guys wanna live like that FINE go other college or just find a job okay? Don't make my world ups and down! Thanks god lah I'm still a good person who willing to do it alone and make sure get the highest marks! The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will and not fail to try.

Btw I'd like to thank to my 'Inspired person' who gave me advises and encourage me. I won't mention her name. Hihi sooner or later the truth will comes out. Thank you so much 'Inspired person'! Here goes my sweet words for her :')

The pushy and wise advice you gave will carry me through the years. You put no limits on my dreams or anthing else I wish to do. You never forget to say you care. We have had a rocky road through triumph, hard time and despair, but not single moment of time not having a wonderful woman there. We always your disagreements to the side and manage to make it through. You have guided me with assurance along the way. You have given me comfort and certainly with every breath I take within the day. There are not enough  words that can thank you for everything you have done for me. Please do take care yourself 'Inspired person'. I'll always pray for you! Me miss you :')

With my love <3