Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Countdown to 2014! Weeee can’t wait what this year gonna happens lol. Wish the best things will happen to me. Pray hard. Work hard. Enjoy the life till fullest. My resolutions for this year? Hmm just wanna be happy and try to stop thinking too much lol :( 

Happy new year everyone!
Beyond awesomenesssssss
I know I can do it :)

Will do!

What to do

Mengantuk kerja hari ni. Tak banyak kerja nak buat! Hmm I bet hari rabu confirm banyak kerja cause barang banyak sampai lol :( Boss pula tak ada hari ni. Haih what a boring day -.- Oh well Monday bluesssss
Gaji oh gaji cepat sikit masuk boleh tak? Grr -.- Banyak benda nak kena settle this month. Macam2 nak kena bayar. Massive headache :(

Monster food

The day that my sis and I went to Shah alam just to taste Serai’s restaurant at Empire gallery Subang lol. Haha I know sounds crazy but this is us ‘Food hunting’ obsession. Oh well I gave 5 out of 5 for that restaurant. The menu was awesome! xD The taste was extremely incredible! I was like ‘woahhhhh this fried rice awesome gila!’ Worth to try! *clap clap xD The price? Quite affordable okay? You guys gotta try it! A big thanks to my sis for bringing me out here. My expertise mission is completed! Yeay! Happy kid! :D

 Happy kid yo xD

M meal : Sirap selasih and Kampung style fried rice
Ice kacanggggggg! Noted this was at ' The warung' Midvalley

Na na na

Hellooooooo! Today was the awesome day I ever had lol. Bonding time with the family at Malacca butterly and reptile sanctuary park, Dataran pahlawan, and of course Mahkota parade :D I just spent too much money on shopping! Sucks! I hate shopping but yeah can’t control myself sometimes :( Here goes the photos : 
 My happy family :D
Isn't beautiful?
Spotted :D

Little things

Pening lol banyak benda nak beli but duit makin berkurangan :( Hmm ni semua gara-gara beli the new phoneeeee :( Haih my fault again. Wuuuuu :( What should I do? Start saving my money is it? Ahh can’t stop thinking too much lol. I hate myself :(

 Agreed :)