Saturday, 20 October 2012

Innovation's Day

Hellooooo peeps! What's up guys?! Yessss I'm back from fake world. Haha *kidding Oh by the way I just want to share with you guys about my final project and Innovation's day that has passed few weeks ago. I know my post will always late to update everything. Hihi sorry aye? Lalala~
So back to main topic here we go! On 11th October it was the biggest day for me. Well I think so lah. I did a very simple project but yet still won the bronze medal okay?! It really worth. Haha not to feel show off but yeah a little bit only. I did the 'Automatic Machine Sealer'. As you guys knows machine sealer is used to stick the parcel or plastic bag but in manual way. So I did some innovation and upgrade it to automatic machine. I just used IC 424 as timer. Means when 5s it will stick the plastic and then we're done! Very simple aye? Here's the pictures of my project :
Automatic Machine Sealer
How cute my presentation aye? :)
My proud Bronze medal :)
p/s Thank you very much for those who supporting me and keep saying 'I can do it'! I'm really appreciate and thankful to have you guys around me. Especially my family and friends. Thanks everyone! You people are awesome. May god bless you always :')

Monday, 15 October 2012


Sorry peeps! I was busy recently cause of my final exam. Will be back sooner or later with more info about life!
Have a great day everyone!
Believe in miracles :')