Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Try too hard

Hellooooo peeps! How are ya doing? I'm kicking good so far. I bet you guys miss me so much aye? Haha I'm fine here. No worries. Just busy with my job as usual. You know I'm such a workaholic person right? Still wanted to write post here. Still the same person. Still feels much younger and pretty? I bet so *perasan je lebih lol xD
Oh anyway I'm currently working as clerk at construction company. Not even my major course actually. As you guys know my major is electrical engineering. Wehooo need to learn from the basic lol but it's okay I do like it and willing to learn :D
Here goes my latest post --->
Chubby isn't? xD

 Alright guys I will update more after this cause I'm working office hours now. Hihi just wait and see okay?

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