Friday, 29 August 2014

Independence Day

Hi hi everybody! What's up? Oh happy Saturday! I would to say Happy Independence Day or National day Malaysia! I'm so proud being a Malaysian! Wehooo :D Am still working here as usual but guess what it's half day today! So I can back home super early. Hihi such a happy kid. Anyway I gotta pick my macarons up at noon. Thank you Dato' Fazley for your super delicious macarons! I bet am gonna mouthwatering later xD
So here goes the photo -->
Macaronsssss xD

So guys I just found out that I got a fan or should I call a stalker?! Haha gotcha! Oh well thank you for being my stalker. I never know she really like me. Maybe she wanted to be like me huh? Oh please girl just be yourself okay? Or maybe she do like my fashion style and wish were me? Hihi chill girl I ain't hot stuff or whatever okay? I just a petite girl who loves fashion and food! Anyway thanks again! So proud got a fan like you. Weeeeee xD

Happy National Day Malaysia!

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