Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hi hi everyone! Hm what’s up yo? I’m a bit stressed out lately. Don’t know why. I bet I think too much. Thinking about what future may holds for me. Thinking did I hurt people before this? Thinking what am gonna do for next year? Am I still the same one? Thinking could I repay all my parents sacrifices? Thinking should I searching for a new job that I could pay all my bills, own a car, travel around the world, and so much moreeee. Ah this is suck you know. Kinda hate myself when overthinking about all stuffs that gonna never happens. Oh well that’s ‘ME’. Being ‘ME’ such a burden to myself lol :( I know I’m a weirdo, unpredictable girl, insomnia freaks, think too much, workaholic and always being cared too much to other that never appreciate what I did. Hah one more thing, I don’t have any best friends but I do close friends that I’m comfortable with. To my close friends, Kak Limah a.k.a Ika and Retis Pororo a.k.a Ema, Thanks for being my listener, cranky, crazy and retarded ever mates! Really appreciate it! Love you guys so much <3 :) Oh well I’m always be a forever alone lol but I do enjoy my life cause I got money, my ride, my gadgets, close friends and of course my family. Hihi sometimes I don’t understand about myself. Hm what to do lah kan? Problems may come and go lol :(
I was waking up too early this morning. Oh well it’s my annoying sister birthday! Hell yeah she’s turning 27yrs old lol. Getting old aye? Haha but still not married yet. Hm I did her some surprise last night at 12am sharp! Weee I know I’m a such good lil sis xD I bought her cupcakes with angry bird on top and a very sweet birthday card. Hihi cute right? I’m so glad she like it! Happy Birthday sister! May all your wishes come true! :D
Oh not forget to tell you guys what was happened today at my workplace. I’m such a careless :( My phone was dropped down from upstairs and got scratched :( Ah kinda hate it! I loveeeee my phone yo! Now the screen is 30% scratched. Hm gonna buy a new phone sooner or later. Maybe I’ll grab iPhone 5 or 5c lol. So many problems I need to solve recently. Haih such a bad day for me. Unlucky girl :( I’m gonna find a new job as soon as possible cause my current job is freaking tired even its only 9hours of working a day. I just can’t do lotsa of errands everyday alone lol :( My back is starting to pain and I’m the only one who handle the shop. May God ease everything :(

Got scratched :((((((

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